About Us


Since our establishment in 2016 and subsequent incorporation in 2018, Singapore PR Consultancy has undergone significant growth and accumulated invaluable experience. We have carved out a niche for ourselves as a pivotal player in the realms of PR and Citizenship consultancy.

What began as a solo entrepreneurial venture quickly burgeoned into a robust team, showcasing rapid expansion in just a few short months. By 2018, our burgeoning success was cemented with the formal incorporation of our consultancy, marking us as a distinguished brand in the industry.

In our pursuit of excellence, we've broadened our offerings to include a suite of business-oriented services. These encompass employment passes, comprehensive business solutions, and facilitation of the Global Investor Program (GIP).

Our Mission

Our mission is anchored in the commitment to providing transparent, sincere, and proficient services. We pride ourselves on offering expert advice and representation to our clients both within Singapore and abroad, specializing in Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications, alongside an array of business services.

Our Vision

Singapore PR Consultancy aspires to become a name that's synonymous with Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications — a trusted brand that also caters to the varied needs of businesses establishing their presence in Singapore. We envision a future where our brand is the go-to source for navigating the complexities of entering and thriving in Singapore's dynamic landscape.

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