The Employment Pass (EP) is a work visa that enables foreign professionals, managers and executives to work in Singapore. Candidates need to earn at least $3,900 a month and have acceptable qualifications. Employers must also demonstrate that they have fairly considered all jobseekers.

Key facts:

  • Only the company or appointed employment agent needs to apply on behalf of the EP candidate. 
  • The candidate has to earn at least $3,900 per month, with those with more experience will need to earn higher, corresponding to their years of experience. For instance, a candidate which holds a managerial position would typically earn at least a fixed salary of $6,000
  • First-time candidates can obtain an EP that is valid for up to 2 years while renewals can be for valid up to 3 years. 
  • Eligible EP holders are able to bring family members into Singapore on a Dependant Pass (DP) or Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP).


The Employment Pass is for foreign professionals who:

  • Have been offered a job in Singapore.
  • Work in a managerial, executive or specialised roles.
  • Earn at least a fixed monthly salary of $3,900. For older, experienced candidates will need to earn higher.
  • Have acceptable qualifications, usually a good university degree, professional qualifications or specialised skills.
  • The application is open to all nationalities.
  • MOM evaluates each case on a holistic basis, taking into account various factors such as special skill sets. Therefore, even candidates without qualifications can still be approved. 

Opening a Company in Singapore and EP

We also assist individuals with experience who wish to incorporate a company in Singapore and apply for a work visa and operate.

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